Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for organizations

EQ Evolution offers a variety of expert EQ trainers in the field of training and developing Emotional Intelligence in organisations – both teams and leadership.  Are you looking for EQ trainers and or EQ mentors or coaches who can partner businesses in finding, leading, growing and keeping talented people?

In the words of Keith & Liz Cunningham Emotional Intelligence (EQ) can make a difference in your organisation because it makes a difference in your people’s lives. When organisation’s and individuals align what is important to both, then the following becomes possible:

  • Individuals at all levels can see their work as a vehicle through which they can express their talents and strengths;
  • They can belong to an organisational community and contribute to a cause bigger than themselves;
  • They can innovate, create and have a voice;
  • Relationships and self-esteem are robust;
  • Thought, feeling and action is intentional rather than habitual;
  • Individuals, teams and businesses are thriving because there is sustainable growth;
  • Business is playing a leading role in transforming accountability for human and environmental impact;
  • Work has meaning and individuals experience a sense of wellbeing