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EQ Expert

Liz Cunningham

EQ Expert

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EQ matters because emotions influence everything, all of the time. They are a naturally occurring source of energy and information about ourselves and others. When worked with intentionally, they can fuel amazing change and growth.

My life’s work is to bring the benefits of practical EQ skill, heart energy mastery and integrated wellbeing to humanity through workshops, public speaking and personal mentoring. As well as working with the mind/body wellbeing that Emotional Intelligence enables, I am committed to bringing body/mind understanding and energy management practices to individuals to counter the effects of stress by recharging body, mind and spirit. By combining EQ insight, HeartMath coherence practices, Energy management tapping techniques and Nia movement, integrated wellbeing is a personal dynamic exploration of effective approaches for self regulating the heart’s coherent connection to the brain. This passion and focus flows from my own experience........I started working in the early 80’s with big enthusiasm and dreams. Twenty years on, with a level of societal and organisational success under my belt, I was feeling stressed and drained of life energy. I was making a good living.......but running on empty. Since 2000 my path has been one of learning and choosing to live well at every level of being; physical energy and balance, emotional choice and freedom from old patterns, mental curiosity and creativity, spiritual essence and impact. In the journey to revitalise my own life force, I learnt about the patterns of emotional energy that permeate our lives and how tapping into our heart intelligence is a doorway to body/mind wellbeing.  Developing EQ and Intuition supports new ways of seeing, feeling, thinking and doing......a new way of being and navigating our way in life situations. While we need knowledge and skill on the IQ side in the complex work and societal context we live in, without an understanding of how to tap into our intuitive sense of knowing, our emotional guidance system, we struggle to understand and inspire our own and other's potential.